Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain is no match for RARE 24K Cream

Chronic Pain? We'll Get You Moving.

RARE 24K Therapy Créme

Pain Relief via 24k Gold Nanoparticles

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Fast, Effective Pain Relief
Unlike other pain relief lotions, creams and capsuls, RARE 24K uses cutting edge, nano-particle technology to deliver fast pain relief with Auregen.


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100% Non-Toxic

Auregen is not a drug. It's a 100% non-toxic 24k gold nano particle. Gold has been a tried and tested pain remedy used for by the medical community for over 100 years. RARE 24k simply uses the latest technology available to ensure maximum benefit.

What Our Customers Are Saying

After 4 ACL reconstructive surgeries I had come to the conclusion I would always have aches in my knee.  My friend shared his 24k Therapy Créme after snowshoeing one day when I was having a particularly rough day with the pain. In about an hour he asked how I was feeling and I realized the pain was gone. That's never happened and I'm now a believer. Thank you.

Patrick James

What Our Customers Are Saying

My 13 year old suffers from eczema all over his body & winter is especially hard on his face, even to the point of bleeding. He doesn't like the feel of oils or heavy creams or the floral scents of lotions so it can be hard to find a product to use on him, since we try to avoid steroid creams. RARE's 24k Therapy Créme is incredible. It offered relief & speed up his recovery, he also doesn't mind using since there's no fragrance and it leaves the skin soft rather than greasy.

Heather George

Naturally Organic

From organic green algae to oat amino acids, RARE 24k Therapy Creme contains organic ingredients designed to nourish and protect the skin while simultaneously eliminating pain.

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